Are You using CBD oil for Pain Relief? Discover the Truth Introduction

cbd for pain relief

Are you also curious about why all these celebrities are crushing for ‘CBD oils’? From Kristen Bell to Olivia Wilde, every celebrity has lately been using CBD oils to get relief from their pains, be it post-workout pain or to relieve sore muscles. Reportedly, Melissa McCarthy, in the recent Oscars, was seen to be wearing CBD oil on her toes to avoid the pain from wearing high heels. These celebrities are absolutely in love with the benefits of this miraculous oil and are slathering it all over their body to achieve relief from pain caused by various reasons. But is it really okay to trust something just because celebrities swear by it? Of course not! You must first validate and understand what CBD oil is and why is it producing such incredible effects. 


What is CBD, and why is it all over the internet?

CBD is one of the compounds extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, which is also known to produce marijuana and hemp-like products. One myth about CBD that needs to be busted is that it will get you ‘stoned.’ CBD is a non-hallucinogenic and non-psychoactive compound and a very close relative of TCH. So regardless of the amount you use, you will not get high due to CBD.


People going through chronic pain like pain due to underlying cancer, Irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent headaches/migraine, back pains, multiple sclerosis pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis pain, and other neuropathic pains, have received significant relief from this compound. CBD has become the new and natural approach to the pain of several, as well as unknown origins.


History of CBD oils

Quite surprisingly, the usage of cannabidiol oils dates back to ancient Chinese civilizations. Several proofs have been collected that favor the fact that ancient Chinese people used CBD oils as a pain relief medication.


However, the usage of CBD oils is not restricted to just pain relief. It also promotes sound sleep and causes a significant reduction in inflammation. Due to these qualities, people of ancient China used CBD oil as a household medication.

Since CBD is non-psychoactive, unlike its close relative TCH, it is favored more by people and has a very less potency for abuse. 


How does CBD actually help in pain relief?

The trials for pain relief effects from CBD oils are still ongoing, and there are still speculations on how exactly do CBD oils alleviate pain in an individual. According to some researchers, CBD oils produce an effect on the body’s Endocannabinoid system that basically controls our memory, mood, and perception of pain.


According to a study published in the renowned journal ‘Pain’ in the year 2017, CBD oils remarkably reduced joint pain due to osteoarthritis. It reduces joint swellings and inflammation that might cause pain.


A report was published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in the year 2018; Cannabidiol oils might have certain benefits in pain relief due to chronic neuropathy. This type of pain is typically triggered by the destruction of the Somatosensory system, which is responsible for processing all the sensory stimuli. This pain is common in people with multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia, and diabetes.  

Not just pain, CBD has proven benefits in conditions like Epidermolysis Bullosa as well. This is a rare skin condition characterized by the development of fluid-filled vesicles. CBD promotes faster healing, the occurrence of lesser blisters, and tolerance for pain in individuals.  


CBD as medication has poor bioavailability, meaning it does sustain in the body for long enough to produce desirable results. However, the topical application of CBD can bring about incredible results in addition to reduced systemic involvement leading to lesser incidences of complication.


The bottom line 

The effects of CBD oils in pain relief is still under the microscope. However, the fact that it does bring about great results in most of the patients is also undeniable. If you are convinced that CBD is the final answer to your search for chronic pain relief, you might be right! Go ahead and try it for yourself!

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