Can CBD Curb Anxiety?

Can CBD Curb Anxiety?

Can CBD help you get rid of anxiety?

Anxiety, a mental state where you get restless, nervous, worried, uneasy about anything with an uncertain outcome. Deep in your mind, you tend to fight thoughts you wouldn’t think of normally. A bad day at work, uncertain future, ambiguous goals, fear, loss or grief, there could be a plethora of reasons that could make you anxious. It’s completely normal to get anxious occasionally or even if it gets over you every time, in every situation. However, you must know the ways to curb it before it entirely succumbs you in, which could lead to depression or prolonged bad mood. Here, we will discuss one of those ways that can curb anxiety and prohibit it from resurrecting.

CBD or Cannabidiol – One of the 113 Identified Cannabinoids in Cannabis Plant

Cannabidiol or CBD as mentioned is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. For those who aren’t aware, Cannabinoids are responsible for altering our mental state and improving some of our physical illnesses such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and stress. Don’t compare mental state with getting ‘high’, they both are different things. Feeling ‘high’ is one of the mental conditions and not all Cannabinoids take you there. CBD, originating from the Cannabinoid family, binds with both CB1 and CB2  Receptors found in our body.

How CBD Curbs Anxiety?

As human body itself produces Cannabinoids in a limited amount, it also contains two receptors which get triggered whenever it’s been supplied Cannabinoid from any external sources such as by injecting, through smoke or vapor, in the form oil or cream or eatables. CBD is one of the Cannabinoids that binds more with CB2 receptor and less with CB1 receptor, due to which, it is responsible for improving different mental states but not high. THC, another Cannabinoid, is what makes you high. Medical researchers and scientists have found in their studies that CBD can provide relief from anxiety, improves concentration, stops mood swings, and works as an anti-stress drug. Clearly, CBD or a few of its products can be used to get rid of anxiousness.

Which CBD Products You Can Use?

Before you anxiously quit this page, as you found the answer that you’re looking for, we assume you would definitely like to know which CBD products you can actually use, as not all CBDs have been legalized in the United States. Usage of CBD extracted directly from the Cannabis plant is not legal in the majority of states. However, thanks to the Farm Bill 2018, usage of CBD or its products extracted from industrial hemp is now legal in the United States. CBD infused products such as oil, cream, chocolates can be found at a few online stores. CBD oil, in general, can be used for curbing anxiousness. It also works in curing stress and chronic pain.

Where to find CBD products?

Online stores, the best and probably only marketplace for CBD products. You can easily find a few online stores that sell CBD infused products in the United States. For good quality CBD products, You can visit


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