Can Pregnant Women use CBD?

Can Pregnant Women use CBD

CBD is known to benefit in several different conditions. Recent studies have shown that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid can help in just about everything Like anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain, menstrual cramps, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis, and much more. Nowadays, CBD has been used by countless people to revolutionize their health, including pregnant women, for its therapeutic benefits.

CBD is known to reduce inflammation, nausea (also known as morning sickness), and fight with all types of anxiety.

Here we will discuss how safe it is to use CBD during pregnancy.

Is it safe or not?

Let us discuss it in detail.

Is CBD Safe or Not During Pregnancy?

It has been deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO) saying that CBD is safe, but there are not many studies to determine how it affects the growth of the fetus. There is no telling about the impact of CBD on pregnancy.

Today THC has been more widely used than CBD. But there are not many studies that have been performed either with cannabinoid on pregnant women.

One study is there, which shows the effects of smoking marijuana on the babies of mothers in rural Jamaica. Five years of results have shown that there is no difference between the children of marijuana-smoking mother and non-smoking marijuana mothers. There is one study, but it hardly highlights that THC is safe during pregnancy.

But now the question is what about CBD? Is there any research which shows it’s good or bad for developing babies?

A study conducted in 2017 showed that when mother rats were given CBD during pregnancy, it reduced the chance for off springs to develop any memory or behavior-related problems if encountered with an infection in the womb.

A further study in 2018 suggested that when pregnant rats were administrated with CBD, it prevented inflammation and resulted in better development of the intestinal tract in off springs. These studies surely don’t give an affirmation regarding the development of infants.

Medical Professionals don’t readily suggest the intake of CBD during pregnancy since we have found that much research has not been done to prove its safety during pregnancy. One more fact regarding CBD is that it changes the endocannabinoids system, which plays a vital role in neurological growth of the fetus. Compounds like THC and CBD can harm the natural growth of the neurological system. This is a general view regarding compounds containing cannabis.

In the initial stage of pregnancy, anandamide levels are naturally low, CBD can increase anandamide levels, so it may interfere with the development process of fetus.

Still, nothing can be ensured about a long term or short-term outcomes of consuming CBD during pregnancy. Since research done on this subject is meager.

Can Pregnant Women Use CBD?

It is advised to any pregnant woman to seek help from a doctor regarding the intake of CBD during pregnancy. Because of no availability of enough research in this field, studying the effects of CBD on fetus development, one cannot be sure of the use of CBD by a pregnant woman.

2013 study concluded that CBD could increase the permeability of the human placenta barrier, which could endanger the developing fetus. Which mean that the enhanced permeability increases the chances of potentially harmful substances penetrating through the placenta and into the fetus?

So, pregnant women can be suggested to take CBD to reduce problems related to pregnancy.

By this, we completely understand why a woman wants to turn to CBD when they’re pregnant. However, due to lack of concrete research we can’t recommend it. CBD can be prescribed only by a trusted medical professional, obstetrician, or midwife.

Last Thoughts About Pregnant Women Using CBD

Nowadays, more and more pregnant women are shifting towards CBD to help ease some of the uncomfortable side effects associated with it; however, there are no reports to tell it is safe or not.

CBD helps to relieve from nausea, aches and pains, and anxiety that are all common symptoms of pregnancy, but at what cost? Without proof that CBD is safe to use during pregnancy, it is not possible to say if it is a good idea.

Alcohol and caffeine must be consumed in a limit during pregnancy. There’s nothing set like this when it comes to cannabis. And till now there is no telling about what the effects of CBD on a developing fetus are.Not sure where to find CBD? Try for high-quality CBD oils!

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