CBD: A new ray of hope for Nicotine Addicts

CBD A new ray of hope for Nicotine Addicts

Studies show that smokers make numerous unsuccessful attempts to give up smoking. Most people who are successful in quitting cigarettes eventually end up relapsing. Most of the techniques help with a temporary fix and that doesn’t really take care of the problem at the root. Research suggests, for most smokers, it takes up to 30 attempts to quit smoking for good. There is increasing evidence that highlights the effectiveness of CBD in helping smokers quit smoking for good. ¬†Researchers argue that CBD could help smokers interested in kicking their habit for good. Clinical researchers have discovered that vaping CBD can help smokers cut down smoking cigarettes substantially.

How CBD helps you quit smoking cigarettes?

Vaping CBD Shown to Reduce Cigarette Consumption

In 2013, a research team at University College London conducted an experiment to gain a better insight on the role of the endocannabinoid system in nicotine addiction. In this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, there were 24 participants. Out of 24, 12 were given a vaporizer that actually contained CBD and 12 were given a vaporizer that only contained a placebo. Upon experiencing the urge to smoke, smokers could use a vaporizer.

After a week, researchers found out that smokers on the placebo reported no difference in their urge to smoke a cigarette. On the other hand, smokers on CBD had cut down the number of cigarettes by 40%. Hence, this experiment proved to the entire world that CBD is an effective tool in helping nicotine addicts reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke.

CBD takes off the Attention from Cigarette Cues

In another research conducted in 2018 by the University of College London, researchers studied how CBD affected the cessation of nicotine. CBD has anxiolytic properties and minimal side effects. The research showed that CBD is quite effective in changing the degree of drug cues.

Dr. Tom Freeman is a Senior Academic Fellow, at Kings College London. In one of his researches, he explained that cannabidiol has the potential to rapidly affect tobacco addiction. He also added, that its particularly effective when smokers were exposed to cues that triggered relapse, like watching friends or colleagues light a cigarette.


Extensive research still needs to be conducted to firmly establish the benefits of CBD for smokers seeking treatment to give up their habit. There are many skeptics who express their concern over the possibility of chemical reactions or side effects.  No major side effects have been reported by anyone about CBD. Several research studies are ongoing. However, CBD is showing promising results and very soon it might offer a commercial solution to all who truly want to quit smoking. CBD is known to have anti-anxiety properties which work really well on people who smoke to tackle stress and anxiety. Only time and a little patience will help us in arriving at a definite conclusion. Vaping CBD may prove to be a quick remedy for ending this age-long habit. We want you to be healthy and safe while using CBD oils.

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