cbd and other drugs

When we talk about the cannabidiol interaction with other drugs, it becomes essential to consider the uncertainty of what’s really in some of these guided medicines. How these medicines work with the body compared to how Cannabidiol (CBD) works with the body, this is indeed a very concerning issue.

Due to the nature of chemical compounds, implicitly every substance, including CBD, interacts with other drugs. For example, labels on a variety of prescription drugs inform you to evade grapefruit when consuming the medicine because it can significantly alter how the body metabolizes the drug.

While CBD is safe to use, it can mess with other medicines you may be consuming.

Can CBD interact with other drugs?

The answer is obvious. CBD does interact with other drugs inside the body. The way that your body metabolizes, CBD can intervene with how your body metabolizes other drugs you consume. If those other drugs are inappropriately metabolized, they can hang around and are expected to stay in your body for a more extended period. Eventually, it would cause adverse side effects and complications.

One sort of drug you should pay attention to is a blood thinner like “warfarin.” Taking CBD along with “warfarin” can make the drug stay in your system for too long without being broken down.

However, CBD drug interactions aren’t always harmful. It can also result in a positive manner. CBD can make other drugs more effective, up to a level that you can decrease the dosage of other medicines/drugs, and in result, you can have less adverse side effects to deal with.

CBD can decrease or improve the effects of some prescribed medicines by interacting with receptors throughout the body’s Endocannabinoid System.  It also inhibits the activity of “Cytochrome P450”.

“Cytochrome P450” is a group of enzymes which are responsible for breaking down drugs and toxins that comes inside the body. By repressing the activity of this enzyme, CBD can tentatively deactivate its activity, which can affect other metabolized compounds.


Our metabolism is responsible for speed with which we process substances in our system. Cytochrome P450 is an enzyme in the liver that helps metabolize CBD and over 60% of all pharmaceuticals. What is considered dangerous about CBD is that it takes full control of this enzyme and orders all of its attention.

When we consume CBD, the liver stops metabolizing other drugs which use the same enzyme. If you’re taking a powerful painkiller like “oxycodone,” using CBD at the same time may prompt it to stay in the body for longer than it should. These drugs were very precisely dosed to stay in your system for a specific time. Anything extra than that, and you risk experiencing side effects like nausea and drowsiness. With regular use, liver damage can be a severe outcome of this slow metabolic process.

How CBD Interacts With Anti-Seizure Medication

While CBD is globally known to be an effective remedy for epileptic seizures. Without medical guidance, CBD can perform problems under certain conditions with anti-seizure medication.

A 1992 study by Lester Bornheim discovered that a low dosage of CBD would deliver its renowned anti-epileptic benefits; however, it will still restrain the “cytochrome p450 enzymes”. Extended concentrations of clobazam and norclobazam, can result in more disruptive seizures.


It is essential to consult with a medical expert to ascertain the proper dosage of CBD to ease epileptic seizures efficiently.

CBD can deliver a wide range of benefits; however, like any other substance, it can interact with other substances. It is essential to be aware of these CBD drug interactions.

Also, for your safety and health, always consult your physician if you are considering using CBD in combination with any other guided medication.

Where should I buy CBD oil from?

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