CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia


Over the past few years, we have come to understand that CBD has a wide range of healing benefits, most prominently for pain relief. Even the research has proven that CBD can cause metastasis in diseases as severe as cancer, neuropathic pain, and multiple sclerosis. It has also presented that other severe conditions such as Fibromyalgia that have unbearably obnoxious side effects can also be accomplished using CBD oil as a supplement to traditional medicine.

Approximately 10 million Americans are patient of Fibromyalgia. It is a condition that causes chronic pain. There are plenty of traditional medicines available to help manage the debilitating signs of the disease. But many patients are put off by the adverse side effects that often accompany prolonged use of prescription medications.

The Expert Reports Back It Up

CBD is a novel approach to deal with symptoms related with various diseases. However, it is still in the early stages of analysis. CBD is a cannabis extract, and science is already vouching for the potential of CBD for the treatment of chronic pain. A survey was conducted in the year 2014 for the 1,300 fibromyalgia patients, the vast majority stated that medical CBD oil offered far more relief from the fibromyalgia pain than FDA-approved prescribed medicine.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Attributes

One of the main reasons that CBD oil has become so widespread in recent times is because it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that help to overcome chronic pain.

CBD Oil for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia

In the year 2014, a farm bill was passed that certified industrial hemp was to be made federally legal on a condition that the products extracted from it must (only) contain less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This eventually leads to the tough competition of CBD to other existing medicines in the market. CBD does not require a prescription and is currently legal in all 50 states in the US.

While many patients who suffer from Fibromyalgia have found relief from the pain that they experience daily by using CBD oil, one needs to understand that it is not a miracle cure by any means. At present, The FDA does not approve it for medical use. This is because of the lack of clinical tests that have been conducted on its use as a stand-alone medicine.

Is CBD Oil Safe to Use?

Now, enough research has been done on CBD oil to confirm that it is completely safe to consume or use, and the credit goes to its incredibly low toxicity levels. Traditional practices to treat Fibromyalgia are famous for having notable long-term effects on patient’s health. This makes CBD oil a much safer and risk-free treatment alternative for many people.

CBD oil is also wholly non-addictive, meaning that it is challenging to develop a dependency on the CBD, unlike other drugs and painkillers.

The Effects of CBD on Fibromyalgia

Because CBD works by triggering the endocannabinoid system found present in humans, each person is affected differently by an appropriate dose. A good quality tincture will offer some consumers (almost) immediate relief from their symptoms, while others might not notice its effect as quickly.

Dosage Guidelines for Fibromyalgia

Many factors will affect the proper dosing of CBD. These include:

  • How it is consumed
  • A person’s bodyweight
  • The severity of symptoms
  • Metabolism

There is still not enough scientific research into exactly how much CBD oil should be taken for a specific ailment.  Start by taking a couple of drops sublingually and increase until the desired effect is achieved.

Final Thought on CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia:

As mentioned above, CBD oil is an entirely natural way to boost your body’s immune system and hopefully experience more significant pain relief than you would through taking pharmaceuticals on their own. There is a tremendous amount of support groups online that can help you get a clearer understanding of how CBD oil could be an excellent addition to your existing treatment for Fibromyalgia.Not sure where to find CBD? Try CBDOILS.com for high-quality CBD oils!

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