Facing Issues Staying Focused? – 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Focus

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Focus

Staying focused is the most challenging task in today’s age. We are surrounded by distractions. It is easier to prepare a long to-do list, however, sticking to it with our unfortunately short attention span is near impossible. As technology is growing, our attention spans are getting shorter. It is essential to improve your focus to achieve a productive lifestyle. In this article, we present you five easy ways to extend your attention span and ensure you can power through your to-do list.


Motivation is essential to maintain focus. Studies indicate that it is easier to stay motivated in tidier settings. If you are surrounded by messy clutter, you are likely to get stressed and lose your focus from the task at hand. As famous clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson says – “Clean Your Room, Bucko!” This mantra has proven to work.

Try minimizing clutter and make sure that everything is in an ordered manner. You can also add inspiring photos and quotes so that when the mind wanders, you can pull it back. This might sound a little cheesy, but it does help.


There are plenty of apps available for your smartphone, laptop and desktop computer which can ensure that you do not end up browsing social media. If you are someone who always gets distracted by their phones or Facebook, these apps can be a lifesaver for you. Do not hesitate in trying it; these apps have proven to be of real help.


We tend to get overwhelmed if we have many tasks to complete. Prioritizing your tasks to ensure you achieve the most difficult ones first is always a good strategy. An excellent way to do so is to identify the top three difficult tasks and complete them in your first hour.

If you have issues maintaining focus, then multitasking might not be a good idea. Try to achieve the most difficult tasks and it will be simpler for you to take care of the more manageable tasks as the day progresses. Juggling your mind with multiple things can lead to low attention spans.


Taking timely breaks is essential to maintain a productive focus. For a highly functional individual, the maximum attention span is 90 minutes. If you are already suffering from focus related issues, then 25 minutes will be an excellent period to get started with. After every 25 minutes, you can take a five-minute short break wherein you can get coffee, check your phone (maybe), or take a short walk – do anything non-work related. After four 25 minutes session, take a more extended break ranging between 15-30 minutes.

By breaking down your day into such chunks, you will be able to keep your brain focused for much longer. You’d be amazed, what a couple of minutes rest can do!


CBD has taken people by surprise in the past few years. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the primary cannabinoids (active compounds) that can be detected in cannabis. Many people are taking it to help enhance their health and lifestyle, and it is usually made in the form of a sublingual CBD oil that you put under the tongue.

CBD is a healthy option when it comes to improving your focus. Numerous studies have been carried on this compound which suggests it could both alleviate pain by reducing inflammation and diminish stress and improve mood. CBD has also been researched as a potential avenue of treatment for ADD/ADHD. This condition causes a severe loss of concentration and focus that is common in children and adolescents.


If you have already tried other methods on the list, it might be time to give CBD a shot. CBD has proven to be useful for improving your focus, and many users report an excellent experience from CBD usage in improving concentration and focus. You can find high-quality CBD oils at CBDOils.com.

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