Facing Issues with Weight loss? – Try CBD Diet Plan


The growing use of CBD due to its proven results in managing pain, stress, and anxiety has revealed another great benefit. CBD is also able to help with obesity and weight loss. Athletes and fitness gurus are welcoming CBD oil, and are frequently using it as part of their day-to-day health routines.

A 2017 review of scientific literature concerning CBD revealed that CBD use can curb excessive eating disorders and regulate healthy appetite. There are plenty of diets and weight supplements available in the market, however, most of them are toxic to overall health and can damage liver, intestines, and kidneys, wherein CBD has no harmful side effect.


Before we discuss how CBD can help you in losing weight, let’s go through other available options. Dieting is perceived as restricting everything we eat and only surviving on liquids and other similar crash diets. The celebrity lifestyle of six pack abs and flat tummy is forcing people to go through either unhealthy diet practices or intake of harmful medical supplements. These crash diets and pills might help you lose weight temporarily, they are not a sustainable model. Lack of necessary nutrition can result in reduced physical strength and impaired cognitive abilities.

A good way to approach weight reduction is eating healthy at regular intervals. Try to intake fewer fatty foods and reduce your carbs consumption. This doesn’t mean stopping them completely; consume it in moderate quantities.

Now let’s explore how CBD can be utilised as a weight loss agent.


A common myth associated with Cannabis is – people experience food frenzy. Though this is true to some extent, however, this is due to the high quantity of THC in Marijuana plants. CBD has little or no traces of THC and will not make you crave for munchies!

A 2012 study from the journal Psychopharmacology examined the effects of CBD, CBN, and CBG on the appetite of rats. Only CBN was shown to increase appetite, whereas CBD and CBG both decreased it. Furthermore, the synergy of CBD with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) implies promising results. The ECS is tasked with managing the balance in the body and keeping us healthy. ECS is linked with Metabolism. Korean research from 2016 found that CBD can increase metabolism in overweight individuals, thus leading to weight loss.

From this research, it is apparent that CBD food supplements, could help you lose weight, but how should you go about it?


It has been recommended that CBD fits particularly well with the paleo diet and the keto diet.

Paleo diet involves the consumption of red meat, organic veggies, and no chemically produced goods. Since hemp was available in the wild, it fits precisely into the scope of the paleo diet, meaning that CBD is a great idea, too!

The keto diet, or ketogenic diet, is a diet that involves high levels of fat, moderate levels of protein, and little to no carbohydrates. It is often employed to stave off epileptic fits. Since CBD has also been used in epilepsy treatments, the two clearly go hand in hand.


CBD can fit well into any diet. No matter what healthy food habits you develop, CBD could help you to lose weight.


You can always use CBD oil sublingually or take a CBD capsule. However, you can also cook CBD into some delicious and healthy recipes.

  • CBD TEA – Green tea has been recommended to increase metabolism. Try adding CBD oil into your tea to mask the taste.
  • CBD SALAD DRESSING – Salads don’t have to be just leaves. Try adding in some grilled chicken, fresh avocados, your favorite vegetables, fresh peppers for a crunch, and don’t forget CBD as the dressing!

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