Is CBD An Efficient Antipsychotic Agent?

Is CBD An Efficient Antipsychotic Agent

Research suggests that a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system could lead to psychotic disorders. CBD is slowly emerging as a promising antipsychotic option. In this blog, we’ll show you how CBD might function as an effective antipsychotic. First, let’s get a basic understanding of psychotic disorders.

Psychotic Disorders

These are some of the most severe mental disorders that alienate individuals from reality. The most visible symptoms of psychotic disorders include delusions and hallucinations or seeing, feeling, or hearing things that aren’t there.

One of the most common psychotic disorders is Schizophrenia. Patients who experience bipolar disorder may also display symptoms related to psychosis.

Several factors may lead to the development of psychosis such as brain tumors, heavy drug or alcohol use, and stroke. According to the latest estimates, over half of those that have Schizophrenia do not receive sufficient care.

Conventional Treatment For Psychosis

Most people rely on prescription pills when it comes to treating psychotic disorders. Antipsychotics are the most commonly prescribed medication. It’s believed they work on psychotic symptoms by mediating dopamine levels in the brain. However, prescription antipsychotics are known to cause many adverse side effects.

Some common side effects associated with antipsychotic medications include:





Dry mouth

Weight gain

Low blood pressure

Low white blood cell count

Blurred vision

Persistent muscle spasms

Uncontrollable movements (tics and tremors)



How Does CBD Help With Psychosis?

Many individuals use medical cannabis to mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, multiple studies show that increased consumption of cannabis that contains high levels of THC can lead to memory loss.

Research indicates that heavy cannabis can even develop psychotic disorders. CBD seems to have precisely the opposite effect because it doesn’t contain THC, which is the psychoactive element. Scientific evidence suggests that CBD may hold potential as an antipsychotic treatment.

How Does CBD Work as an Antipsychotic?

In a double-blind, randomized clinical study, experts found that CBD displayed antipsychotic properties in patients with Schizophrenia. This improvement in psychotic symptoms was a result of the increased levels of anandamide, which is an endocannabinoid.

Researchers found that a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system contributed to the development of Schizophrenia. Anandamide contains protective effects by bringing homeostasis to neurotransmitter imbalance. One of the most visible symptoms of Schizophrenia is social withdrawal. CBD has shown great potential in inhibiting social withdrawal.

Clinical Studies On CBD For Schizophrenia

In 1995 the first clinical study of CBD as an antipsychotic took place. It was discovered that daily dosage of up to 1500 mg/day for four weeks showed a remarkable improvement of psychotic symptoms. No side effects were reported by the patients.

Final Thoughts

While research related to CBD and psychosis is still at its nascent stage, the results look great. Make sure you always check that the oil you are planning to purchase is full spectrum and extracted in a chemical-free process. It is a non-addictive and safe alternative to chemical based medicines. It has countless benefits with almost no side effects. Don’t forget to speak to a healthcare professional before you use CBD.

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