Is it a good idea to add CBD to your Supplement Routine?

CBD to your Supplement Routine

Before we discuss how and why CBD can help us with our supplement routine, let’s check out some cool facts about CBD.

Cannabidiol or CBD

Cannabis has 100 different kinds of cannabinoids found. CBD is a significant cannabinoid among all. Cannabidiol contains up to 40% of the plant’s extract. The other well-known cannabinoid is THC which is responsible for the intoxication associated with marijuana used for recreational purposes. CBD never intoxicates users. CBD consumption is legal in 40 countries around the world. The cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are beneficial to our endogenous endocannabinoid. The cannabinoids present in cannabis plants interact with our receptors, and that determines their benefits.

CBD helps in delaying the reuptake of essential neurotransmitters. CBD also has the ability to enhance or repress the binding of some G coupled protein receptors. That’s how CBD has anti-anxiety and pain relieving properties.

Health benefits of supplementing with CBD

CBD helps with depression and anxiety

A research team at the University of San Paolo and in King’s College studied CBD works on anxiety, and they found that the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor is activated by elevated levels of CBD. An experiment conducted on mice showed reduced hyperactivity after 30 minutes. Hyperactivity follows signs of anxiety and depression.

CBD helps you get rid of addiction

Research suggests CBD can go a long way in helping people struggling with various addictions such as tobacco, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol. In a double-blind experiment, out of 24 smokers, 12 were given either a CBD vaping inhaler and the other 12 a placebo. All participants were instructed to use their inhalers whenever they had an urge to smoke a cigarette. By the end of a week, researchers found out there was a 40% reduction in the intake of cigarettes in smokers who had used CBD.

CBD helps in curing acne and skin conditions

Researchers found that CBD is highly effective sebostatic which means it helps to regulate an amount of oil produced by our skin and an anti-inflammatory agent. It not only removes acne but its also very effective in treating skin conditions like psoriasis. It has antioxidant properties which can make your skin younger looking and healthy without any side effects.

CBD helps with sleep cycle disorder and insomnia

CBD is an excellent relaxant, and it soothes your brain and body really well. Many users have reported a dramatic change in their quality of sleep. CBD improves the general wellbeing of an individual.


The human body can benefit in numerous ways with the use of CBD products. The best part is that it is not at all psychoactive. However, there is still more research to be done on the undiscovered benefits of CBD. It’s imperative that you consult a doctor before you start using CBD products.

Where should I buy CBD oil from?

CBD industry is unregulated. This has given rise to many companies who provide fake products. We want you to be healthy and safe while using CBD oils. We use CO2 extraction to guarantee purity. Our products are not just natural but also 100% safe.

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