Potential Benefits Of CBD Against Autoimmune Diseases


Roughly 53-80 million people suffer from any one of over 80 different types of autoimmune diseases. These autoimmune conditions adversely affect the human body by invading healthy cells and confusing our immune system into thinking the body’s healthy tissues are actually harmful invaders. Providers often tell their patients who suffer from these conditions that there isn’t any way to heal their bodies. However, more studies are exploring the benefits of CBD and how it can be used as an effective weapon against several autoimmune diseases.

 What Is An Autoimmune Condition?

These types of conditions are often misunderstood. There are currently about 80 different registered autoimmune disorders. These disorders attack their own body by making the immune system believe that the body’s healthy tissues are harmful invaders. The body goes on a self-attack mode, or does a “molecular mimicry.” These disorders affect various parts of the body depending on the type of the condition. Scientists believe it involves environmental factors, genetics, and gut dysbiosis, or even microbial imbalance in the body.

Examples of Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune disorders can affect different parts of the body, and many kinds of conditions are caused by the body’s self-attack. An autoimmune disorder in the thyroid may lead to Hashimoto’s disease, and an autoimmune disorder in the joints can cause rheumatoid arthritis. Sadly, autoimmune conditions may attack multiple parts of the body at a time, such as Lupus, which can affect the digestive system, skin, joints, and even the brain.

Autoimmune Conditions And Their Symptoms

Autoimmune disorders can have many symptoms since they can be found in multiple parts of the body. The most common symptoms are digestive issues, inflammation, infection in the body, skin conditions and rashes, joint pain, swollen glands, fever, and fatigue. Doctors often misdiagnose autoimmune conditions as many of these symptoms are commonly associated with many different disorders, and it can take quite a bit of suffering before medical professionals can figure it out.

Traditional Treatments

Doctors commonly prescribe medication for autoimmune conditions that aims to shut down the immune system altogether. These medications are usually synthetically created antibodies that attack the autoimmune antibodies, and these can have many potential side effects. These medications not only make you much more receptive to infection, but they can even lead to the development of cancer. A lot of patients that try these immunosuppressive medications end up quitting them because of the painful side effects. In addition to prescribed medications that suppress the immune system, other treatment recommendations include a balanced diet, exercise, and recently, cannabis.

How Does CBD Help?

Scientific studies show that CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS constitutes of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the human body in organs, immune cells, and glands. These receptors shoot signals to each cellular structure and system in our bodies to produce homeostasis. Finally, CBD communicates with our bodies to control and balance our immune systems. CBD helps bring balance to the immune system, and it also is known to reduce inflammation. Moreover, it regulates the digestive system and reduces chronic pain. Since CBD slows down T-cell production in the body and suppresses immune system memory, it might also reduce the possibility of future autoimmune attacks. Another important benefit of using CBD for autoimmune disorders is that it might limit cell damage caused by these conditions. It does that by increasing the expression of genes that deal with oxidative stress.

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