Say Goodbye to Holiday Hangover with CBD

Hangover with CBD

Who wouldn’t like something to wet his throat with when all around you Champagne corks are being unscrewed, and everyone has their glasses filled. Very few people would actually measure what they’re drinking when its time to party.

People sometimes call Thanksgiving as “Blackout Wednesday.”

However, things go a little awry when you’ve got to go to work the next day and your head is spinning. Let’s check out how CBD can help you get over that holiday hangover hassle free.

Is CBD a foolproof plan for your Hangover?

We all know how terrible we end up feeling when we have a hangover at work. Sometimes, the feeling of nausea, headache, anxiety, irritability, muscle aches, fatigue, and spinning won’t just go away. Let’s not forget that alcohol consumption can lead to some damage to the body and brain.

Alcohol is known to cause inflammation in the body and CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

How CBD reverses a Hangover?

CBD works rapidly on reducing inflammation and that in turn helps with pain and muscle ache. People have also reported a significant reduction in the feeling of nausea after they used CBD. There hasn’t been a lot of research on the effects of CBD on excessive alcohol consumption.

In 2013, an experiment was performed on lab rats to determine the effects of CBD on alcohol. The rats had life-threatening issues like seizures due to an extreme case of neurodegeneration. This means there was serious brain damage and CBD was applied to the rat’s skin. The neurodegeneration came down by 50% just by this transdermal application of CBD. The rats that took CBD were able to revive half of their brain cells that were lost.

CBD is not a magic cure-all. But it can help with a hangover. Here’s how:

Gets rid of a headache

Drinking can cause a terrible splitting headache. Alcohol causes rapid inflammation in the immune system and that leads to headaches. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that immediately subdue the inflammation giving instant relief from nasty headaches. CBD not only mitigates pain but also decreases the frequency of recurring migraine headaches and neuropathic pain.

Excellent antioxidant

Very few people know that CBD is an extremely potent antioxidant and its more powerful than even vitamin C and E. In addition to that CBD is also a very powerful neuroprotective antioxidant.

Many people try antioxidants to give their brain the necessary boost they desperately need.

Offers Relief from Nausea

We all know the unstoppable feeling of throwing up after we’ve had too much to drink. What’s really alarming is nausea and vomiting after drinking indicates to alcohol poisoning. According to research, CBD has been found to be quite effective in treating both nausea and vomiting in therapeutic treatments and chemotherapy.


CBD is not a magic cure for hangover or alcohol-related health problems. However, its an excellent choice to minimize the problems without side effects. We should also remember, its very important to keep ourselves well hydrated when we drink to avoid the adverse after effects. In addition to that, if we take the assistance of CBD, we won’t have a rough day at work.

We want you to be healthy and safe while using CBD oils. Not sure where to find CBD? Try for high-quality CBD oils!

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