Can CBD Oil Help Endurance Athletes?


The past decade has seen a rise in cannabis acceptance worldwide.  Its use is becoming legal in US States where it was not before, and CBD Oil is becoming somewhat mainstream for some medical uses.  However, while there are therapeutic applications for (THC), a significant amount of evidence and research indicates that cannabinol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive component of the Marijuana bud, may serve as a powerful therapy not only for a variety of diseases and illnesses but may benefit athletes engaged in endurance sports. As a result, CBD has skyrocketed in popularity since finding its place in the limelight.

How CBD Works?

CBD is pleiotropic, which means that that it affects a variety of neural pathways and receptors. Research suggests that CBD attaches to the serotonin receptors (anxiety and pain); vanilloid receptors (inflammation, body temperature); orphan receptors (blood pressure, bone density; and nuclear receptors (tumors, dementia). Critically, while CBD’s effects are profound, users do not experience an altered state of consciousness or “high.” Consequently, CBD is safe for individuals to use in sporting events. 

Currently, there are strong indications that CBD is an effective anxiolytic (anxiety reliever) and may also concurrently enhance mood. With few, if any major side effects, CBD is a well-tolerated and non-addictive alternative to other, frequently prescribed anti-anxiety drugs. Comparatively, Benzodiazepines down-regulate GABA receptors over time, and are so intensely habit-forming that sudden cessation of the medication may cause death. Additionally, CBD oil works right away and may target anxiety specifically. 

CBD Oil Benefits For Athletes

There are a few ways that we are seeing endurance athletes use CBD oil to aid their performance, recovery, and overall enjoyment of endurance sports.  Here are a few:

CBD For Performance Anxiety

For athletes, competition-related anxiety can affect performance, mindset, and even willingness to participate in events. CBD oil can be especially helpful for younger athletes who have not developed a routine for managing and coping with the anxiety that athletic performance can produce. The numbers of student-athletes who say they are dealing with some mental illness associated with their sport are increasing. Some of that may most certainly be due to culture and overactive parenting, but there could be a role for neurotropic therapies too. However, medicines like Benzodiazepines cause sedation and slower reflexes. Anxiolytics for the longer-term, like SSRIs, cause metabolic changes that could also negatively influence performance. Thus, CBD oil may be the key to helping athletes resume their athletic endeavors after experiencing bouts of anxiety or panic attacks.

By applying this to triathlon, there may be benefits from reducing the anxiety many athletes feel on race day.  Specifically, in the swim portion of a race, it is all about relaxing. Being able to relax and get into a rhythm is something many triathletes struggle with.

CBD for Mental Acuity

Indeed, CBD has shown promise as a cognitive enhancer. It helps to thwart the oxidative damage that often occurs in high-intensity exercise and training. Documented oxidative damage occurs in wrestling, soccer, and basketball, none of which are even high-impact sports. Athletes can and should consider using CBD oil not only to protect themselves from oxidative damage, which may lead to dementia and brain disease in the future but also to optimize on-field performance. Anyone who has played basketball or football knows that memorizing and recalling the playbook provides a major in-game advantage and failing to do so can severely undercut potential performance. When well-conditioned athletes fall short in the competition, it’s often mental.

Specifically for the triathlete, there may be some benefits from getting “in the zone” during a transition, or being able to disengage from the pack on a bike and dial-in to your ideal pace. We are always preaching road bike safety, too, so perhaps there is a use for situations when you might be cycling in a more dangerous situation and need to be on high alert. Those things require mental acuity.

CBD for Muscle and Joint Pain

Perhaps the most exciting anecdote we are about CBD use is that it can relieve muscle and joint pain.  No doubt, CBD relieves pain for many people. However, endurance athletes fall into a special knee pain category. They can encounter pain frequently, despite being in top physical condition. Moreover, they are expected to manage pain that would keep a regular person home from work and perform at a high level on race day.

Opiates on the hand, are notoriously addictive. Additionally, they’re so powerful that athletes play through levels of pain that ought to stop them, and subsequently cause long term harm to their bodies. CBD is a much safer, long-term alternative for athletes seeking to reduce pain. By attaching to inhibitory receptors in the brain, in this case, glycerin receptors, CBD alters the perception of pain but does so safely and naturally. Think of opiates as powerful, blunt tools that alter perception beyond pain management, and CBD as a strong, highly precise instrument that carefully modulates pain.

CBD for Inflammation

CBD appears to have an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body, including joint inflammation that many athletes suffer during and after an athletic competition. Amateur athletes and weekend warriors may benefit from reduced joint inflammation. In the long term, it is easy to see the potential for medical cost savings. By attaching to endocannabinoid receptors, CBD changes the way neurotransmitters send messages to the body. Reduced inflammation allows for both faster recovery and joint preservation in the long-term.


CBD oil has proved to be so effective in so many novel ways, that it seems possible that athletes will experience additional benefits that science has yet to reveal. Either way, CBD oil seems to be permanently on the scene, so we will continue to follow it.

Where should I buy CBD oil from?

CBD industry is unregulated. This has given rise to many companies who provide fake products. We want you to be healthy and safe while using CBD oils. We use CO2 extraction to guarantee purity. Our products are not just natural but also 100% safe. 

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