How CBD Helped Me Defeat The Flu

cbd for flu

Here’s what Lindsay Farell, a satisfied CBD user, had to say about her experience in defeating the flu with CBD. Did you know that CBD is an excellent remedy for the common cold and the flu? It is also an excellent pain reliever, and it helps in reducing inflammation.

Let me tell you how it all started.

A few months ago, I had come down with the flu that left me sick and almost comatose for well over a day. It was so terrible that I did not even leave my bedroom to eat anything for a whole day. My friend had to drop by to take care of me and gave me a cold pack to bring my fever down. Every night I would have a recurring fever, and I had completely lost my appetite. I love my job, and I missed going to work more than anything else. This went on for almost five days. I wanted to nip this issue in the bud so I could get back to normal. Did you know that CBD can fight the common cold and the flu? 


How A CBD Balm Helped Me?

I started massaging a CBD infused balm into my achy neck, shoulders, and joints. Miraculously, I felt instant relief from the unbearable pain. I later discovered that CBD balm also helps to open nasal passages and reduce inflammation. Common cold and flu aggravate due to inflammation. My breathing got better after only three days of using CBD. I also experienced clear-headedness when I woke up in the morning. It gave me the jumpstart I had been looking for.


Using CBD in an evening bath

Taking baths always relaxes my achy muscles and helps me fall to sleep. I also use CBD infused bath salts for a more potent healing bath experience. It soothes your nerves, but it also stimulates your brain cells, helping you improve your concentration.

I want to tell more people about the countless benefits of CBD after reading my experience. I’ll always be grateful to CBD for improving the quality of my life. Try kicking the flu this season with the help of CBD oil tinctures and other natural remedies. Cheers to a healthy life once again!



CBD industry is still going through a lot of research. So far, the results look great. It is a non-addictive and safe natural compound and is safer than chemical-based medicines. It has some amazing benefits, with almost no side effects. Make sure you speak with your physician or a healthcare professional before you start using CBD. We value your health and wellbeing.


Where should I buy CBD oil from?

CBD industry is not regulated now. This has given rise to many companies who provide fake products. We want you to be healthy and safe while using CBD oils. The CBD in our products is extracted using CO2 extraction to guarantee purity. Our products are not just natural but also 100% safe. 

Not sure where to find CBD? Try for high-quality CBD oils!

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