CBD Oil reduces Anxiety: Does It Really Work?

CBD Oils Reduces Anxiety

Scientific studies indicate that a product produced from cannabis identified as cannabidiol (CBD) oil can relieve anxiety. CBD is a naturally occurring chemical found in marijuana and hemp plants. However, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a popular type of cannabinoid, CBD doesn’t induce any feelings of intoxication or the “high” we generally associate with cannabis.

How does CBD oil help with anxiety related disorders?

CBD oil is believed to operate with a brain receptor called CB1. Receptors are tiny proteins associated with brain cells that acquire chemical signals from different stimuli and accommodate your cells respond.

CBD efficiently alters serotonin signals. Serotonin is a neurochemical which plays the most crucial role in maintaining positive mental health. Low serotonin levels lead to depression, anxiety, mood disorders and at times gives way to other severe mental illnesses.

The standard treatment for low serotonin is pharmaceutical drugs like Zoloft and Prozac. However, they are highly addictive and can lead to severe side effects including headache, drowsiness, agitation, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. CBD is emerging as a popular remedy with little or no harmful side effects. So far, the only reported side effects of CBD are fatigue and upset stomach, which is negligible in comparison to long term damage caused by pharma drugs.

Research-based evidence

  • Numerous studies have revealed the potential benefits of CBD for anxiety patients. The National Institute on Drug Abuse claims that CBD has been proved to reduce stress in animal studies. Study subjects were depicting anxiety-related behavior patterns. After regular usage of CBD, their physiological symptoms of anxiety, like increased heart rate showed considerable improvement.
  • Studies have also indicated that CBD is beneficial in treating various other forms of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CBD has also improved the lives of patients suffering from insomnia.
  • In 2011, a human study on CBD and its consequences on SAD was printed in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Participants were supplied either an oral dose of 400 milligrams of CBD or a placebo. The results revealed that those who took the CBD dose felt overall reduced anxiety levels.
  • A comprehensive review of CBD studies in psychiatric disorders also found credible results. CBD displayed positive results among patients suffering from depression and anxiety-related disorders. Research is still ongoing to identify the ideal dosages and a better understanding of effects. However, initial studies have shown positive results, and CBD is welcomed in the medical community.
  • CBD has also been investigated in other neurological disorders. A 2016 study observed some antipsychotic benefits of CBD in schizophrenia. The authors registered a preference for CBD over antipsychotic drugs, which are known to cause notable debilitating side effects.

CBD oil side effects

CBD is generally considered safe. However, some people who take CBD may experience side effects, including – gastrointestinal discomfort, dry mouth, and fatigue.


Patients suffering from chronic anxiety are advised by doctors to avoid cannabis, as THC is known to trigger or amplify feelings of anxiousness and paranoia. However, CBD can help to diminish anxiety-related behaviors in people with ailments such as:

  1. General anxiety disorder
  2. Post-traumatic stress disorder
  3. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  4. Panic disorder
  5. Social anxiety disorder

Researchers noted that contemporary treatments for these disorders can lead to further symptoms and side effects, which can prompt some people to stop taking them. No further definitive evidence currently links CBD to any adverse effects. Many users have claimed improvement after they used CBD oils as a treatment for anxiety.

Is CBD oil legal?

CBD oil isn’t legal everywhere. At present, CBD is legal in 47 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. Just ensure not to sneak in CBD into Idaho, South Dakota, or Nebraska and you are good to go.

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