Facing Issues with Sleep – Have you tried CBD?


The most popular usage of cannabis is as a sleep enhancer. Due to our modern lifestyle, most of us frequently experience anxiety and stress which leads to racing thoughts. Our minds need to be calm for us to experience a sound sleep. And that is one of the major reasons of growing use of cannabis – people are unable to sleep properly.  However, at the same time, prolonged usage of cannabis can lead to memory loss and other behavior changes. CBD is emerging as a natural alternative to this problem. You no longer need to rely on Marijuana or pills to regulate your sleep disorders. CBD oil can be of great assistance and is healthy with little or no side-effects. CBD serves a safe, and often an adequate substitute for improving rest and sleep in adults, as much as kids, elderly, or pets.

Sleep Disorders

A sleep disorder is a disturbance in regular sleeping patterns. The most known type is insomnia, yet many other diseases can torment our nights: Sleep apnea, nightmares or night terrors, narcolepsy, sleepwalking, sleep talking, grinding the teeth, and a few others. Sleep disorders can severely affect our health and safety. Since sleep deprivation reduces physical performance and alertness. Prolonged sleep disorders can also damage memory and cognitive abilities.

Millions of people endure insomnia and inadequate sleep. Most mild sleeping disorders could diminish or even vanish, by merely chartering regular sleep habits and executing some smart lifestyle changes. If you have already tried that then before submission to the sleeping pills traps. It might be useful trying to learn about the benefits of CBD.

Research around CBD and Sleep

CBD displays a biphasic behavior. At low doses, cannabidiol makes you more focused and alert because it stimulates the same adenosine receptors as caffeine. This effect can be helpful to prevent daytime sleepiness, which usually transforms in restless nights. Conversely, at higher doses, CBD works as a muscle relaxant and tranquilizer, even if it can’t be aptly described as a sedative. These seemingly opposite effects of CBD could possibly help physicians in the management of sleep deprivation and excessive daytime sleepiness as well.

Research by the Department of Neuroscience and Behavior of the University of São Paulo examined the consequences of cannabidiol on the sleep-wake cycle. Lab rats underwent injections of different amounts of natural CBD extract, and sleep recordings were performed both during light and dark periods. This acute systemic administration of CBD enhanced mice’s total sleep time.

The same research center discovered in another study, that CBD can help REM sleep behavior disorder. This disorder is alarming in nature as it can quickly advance into other neurological conditions. That causes the patient “respond” to his dreaming violently with kicks, punches, shouting, jumping out of bed, and so on. These repulsive and potentially dangerous behaviors are found significantly relieved under controlled CBD administration, especially in patients who suffer from neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease.

A study also revealed, that nearly half of the adult people quickly acquiring medical cannabis at legal dispensaries in the USA were using the herb to handle their insomnia. CBD presents itself as a comprehensive natural remedy. And the best part is unlike other pharmaceutical drugs which are used to cure such disorders, CBD barely has any side-effects. Pharmaceutical drugs can lead to headache, drowsiness, agitation, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. So far, the only reported side effects of CBD are fatigue and upset stomach, which is negligible in comparison to long term damage caused by pharma drugs. Cc


Several patients with sleep issues who used CBD-rich tinctures, oils, vapor or smoke reported that they experienced an immediate and substantial reduction in the frequency of sleep disorders events without any side effect. If you have been suffering with lack of sleep and experiencing low productivity, try CBD.

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