How CBD differs from THC?

How CBD differs from THC

Old days are gone when only chemical drugs could cure human illnesses. With various reforms in the law, herbal medicines have once again found their place in the market. Way before chemicals were identified, only herbal medicines were used for all illnesses and disorders. However, with more and more chemical drugs entering the market and providing instant relief to the sufferers, the majority of people gave up on herbal medicines. Many countries banned different compounds that brought the doom of herbal medicines in the drug market. Fortunately, people and lawmakers have once again recognized the potential of herbal medicines and lifted the ban from some of those discarded compounds. CBD is one of them.   

CBD – A cure for almost every illness

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Plant. The potential of CBD as medicine was never hidden from the world. However, lack of research and illogical beliefs had kept us deprived of it. With the Cannabis Plant being its origin, CBD has always been mistaken for causing the psychoactive effect. However, it’s a non-psychoactive compound.  After researching for years, scientists have finally found concrete evidence to support CBD’s non-psychoactive nature. In addition, it has also been found that CBD can be used for the treatment of various physiological and cognitive disorders.

Difference Between CBD and THC – 

The answer to this question lies inside our body. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) found in the human body is composed of endocannabinoids.  It regulates various physiological and cognitive processes in our body. Since our body itself produces endocannabinoids, it also has cannabinoid receptors, with which the endocannabinoids bind. The two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, are expressed throughout our Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems. CB1 receptors are dominantly present in the brain, whereas, CB2 receptors can be mostly found in the immune system. CBD, being one of the cannabinoids, binds more with CB2 receptors and help our body fight against various illnesses. On the other hand, THC, another cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Plant, binds more with CB1 receptors and causes psychoactive effects or what could be expressed as a ‘High’.

Is CBD Legal in the United States?

Yes, after the Farm Bill 2018, usage of CBD infused products have been legalized throughout the United States. Not the one that is extracted directly from the Cannabis Plant, but the one that is extracted from hemp. CBD can be extracted either from the Cannabis Plant or from hemp which is just one strain of the plant. Usage of CBD extracted from hemp has been legalized in the country. Whereas, using the other one may land you into trouble. The number of online stores offering CBD infused products has gradually increased. There are a few places that offer CBD infused products such as  CBD Oil, Balm, CBD Creams, etc. You can visit for purchasing good quality CBD infused products. 



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